Our Team

Meet the Founder & Owner - Alexa Klopfenstein

Founder & Owner - Alexa Klopfenstein

“I started writing tea reviews for an online blog called Teaviews when I was 16. I had the pleasure of trying hundreds of different high qualities tea - all from different companies. Through this side job my love of good tea grew and I was able to learn about the best tea ingredients. I eventually was hired to do some marketing for a tea company called Tea Campaign Canada. After finishing my BSBA in Marketing I took over as manager of Boston Tea Campaign which sells high quality Darjeeling Tea. My goal is to introduce people to the unique flavors of Darjeeling Tea." 


Meet our Artist & Designer - Kadin Kostelic 

Artist & Designer - Kadin Kostelic

"For me, being a designer means to be constantly curious and aware of the world, insightful about those observations, and determined to solve problems through that insight. More than that, I see design as a means of empathy. Understanding others’ thoughts, motivations, governing feelings, and individual perspectives is essential to my work, and it is why I find a profound sense of purpose in my profession."