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Darjeeling Darling - Tea Reviews

"Wow!! So In love with this tea! This tea is absolutely perfect especially when you follow the detailed instructions that come with the tea on how to brew the perfect cup. This tea is very smooth and delicious! Thank you, will be ordering regularly."

-B Snell 


"Umm, this tea is SO wonderful! Follow Darjeeling Darling, get ready for their launch, and support this young & gifted teawhisperer! I tried GetUp this morning."

Darjeeling Darling Tea Samples

- Rockin' My Mom Jeans 


"I was able to sample this while I was in Colorado and it's absolutely delicious. Alexa makes her own blends and has lots of faithful customers."

- N Klopfenstein 


"Came down with a cold yesterday - so of course I've been taking care of myself with my Take Care Peppermint Blend! This blend has been a lifesaver. I'm drinking at least one big cup every 2 hours mixed with honey and my throat feels great. I'm so excited to say this blend really does help sooth that sore throat when you're sick!"

-Alexa Klopfenstein (Founder & Owner)